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At Verhine & Verhine PLLC, we are committed to the service and advocacy of those who have been harmed by drugs and medical devices they were told would contribute to their ongoing health. Manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies are subject to strict precautions and regulations before releasing a product to the market, and still countless people are hurt every year by medications and devices that were not properly tested or inappropriately marketed. These are serious acts of negligence and misconduct and warrant swift and severe legal action.

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If your well-being has been threatened because of dangerous drugs or devices that you were told were safe to use, then you should contact us today to speak with E. Scott Verhine, a litigation attorney at our firm.

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About Attorney E. Scott Verhine, Attorney of the Year

E. Scott Verhine, Attorney at Law, has partnered with law firms throughout the country to pursue claims for clients injured by unsafe and defective products.

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Extensive Scope of Legal Service

No matter what the cause or size of your potential suit is, our legal team is ready to help you review your case and determine your legal options. We have successfully navigated countless dangerous drug and medical device lawsuits and consistently ensure that our clients have the very best chance at receiving maximum compensation for their injuries.

Just some of our trial experience includes:

  • Filed more than 100 hip implant failure lawsuits
  • Handled more than 8,000 unique mass tort lawsuit claims
  • Litigated product liability claims nationwide
  • Represented more than 300 transvaginal mesh lawsuits on behalf of women across the country
  • Investigated claims for more than 23,000 clients injured by defective drugs and medical products

Even if you are unsure whether or not you have the grounds for claim, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel immediately. We always recommend that you do not sign any document, agreement, or contract from an insurance provider or any other investigator or party until you have spoken with our legal team.

Fighting for You Since 1997

For nearly two decades, our legal team has been providing dedicated, personal, and professional legal representation honed by our unmatched experience in the field. Whether our clients need aggressive and assured negotiation for a proper settlement, or a proven litigator to speak on their behalf in the courtroom, Verhine & Verhine PLLC is ready to stand by our clients' side.

Our dangerous drugs and devices firm handles cases and clients all over the U.S. From coast to coast, we actively pursue justice for our clients and make sure they have the resources to put this troubling time behind them—even if it means going to litigation.

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Manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies are backed by seemingly endless legal resources and not every lawyer has experience, insight, and assertiveness to combat them in court. As a veteran litigator who has helped countless hardworking Americans, Attorney E. Scott Verhine uses his pro hac vice status to passionately represent clients from all over the country. No matter what type of product liability claim you may be facing, Attorney Verhine and our firm can provide you with impartial yet highly-effective guidance that can protect your rights, your finances, and your future.

We are also proud to work on contingency fees . Because we understand those harmed by drugs and products are likely to be shouldering expenses they did not anticipate, we agree never to charge our clients a fee until our team wins them the compensation they deserve. You do not have to be rich to seek action against these large companies—you just need proper and unparalleled representation ready to put your interests first.

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