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Symptoms of a Defective Stryker Hip Implant

Are you suffering because of a malfunctioning hip implant?

No one expects to go through life in an unreasonable amount of pain. When you are experiencing severe pain after a surgery, you could be feeling extremely overwhelmed and perhaps even confused. It may bring you comfort to know that you are not alone in your suffering. Nationwide, thousands of innocent people just like you have experienced similar pain.

If you believe a Stryker hip implant device or any type of metal-on-metal hip replacement system is the source of your suffering, speak with our Stryker Rejuvenate/ABG II hip implant failure lawyer. At Verhine & Verhine PLLC, we work hard to make certain that negligent and irresponsible product manufacturers are held accountable for distributing harmful medical devices for use. In fact, we have helped investigate, file, and litigate thousands of unique product liability claims on behalf of victims across the country.

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Stryker Hip Implant Failure Symptoms

Significant damages to the body have been reported in connection to metal-on-metal hip implant use. The implant components are referred to as the ball and cup and can rub against each other. Metal debris can break off during rubbing and become lodged between soft tissue fibers and bones, causing significant damage to hip implant patients.

Symptoms can include the following:

  • Bone loss
  • Pain, fever, swelling
  • Neurological and sensory changes
  • Psychological reactions, including depression
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Limping or inability to walk
  • Deterioration of entire implant
  • Adverse reactions because of soft tissue damage
  • Inability to work or provide for family
  • Joint problems in cases involving revision
  • Pain, instability, or injury to hip joint
  • Loosening of implant from hip bone

In some cases, metal debris can even enter into the blood stream, causing inflammation, tissue death, and joint issues. In the worst cases, there have been reports of serious heart and nervous system issues caused by metallic toxins entering the bloodstream.

You Need Our Attorney on Your Side

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality estimates that nearly 300,000 hip replacement surgeries are performed every year. Many of these procedures involve the use of metal-on-metal hip implants. Although some procedures are successful, thousands of innocent victims have suffered serious to critical damages because of the use of metal-on-metal implants.

If you are a victim of one of these defective hip implant procedures, speak with a lawyer from our firm immediately. You could be eligible to take part in a lawsuit to obtain compensation for your damages, including medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses related to the treatment of your injuries.

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