Case Results

Take a look at a handful of our victories! We are proud to have served thousands of clients who have suffered from defective medical products and drugs. If you or someone you know has been harmed by a dangerous drug or device, contact Verhine & Verhine PLLC today. We take cases from anywhere in the country and offer free consultations to help you get started.
    • Heavily Involved in the Transvaginal Mesh Litigation

      Our firm has been heavily involved in the transvaginal mesh litigation representing over 300 clients injured by transvaginal mesh. Five of our clients were chosen as bellweather cases (or initial cases) and were picked for discovery in the initial rounds of the transvaginal mesh litigation.

    • Involved in Over One Hundred Lawsuits Alleging Hip Implants

      Verhine & Verhine is currently involved in over one hundred lawsuits alleging hip implants were defective and cause client's damages.

    • Successfully pursued BP Oil Claims for Businesses Damaged

      We have successfully pursued BP oil claims for businesses damaged by the BP oil spill.

    • Successfully Pursued to Settlement: Defective Hip Implants

      Verhine & Verhine has successfully pursued claims of clients injured by defective hip implants to a resolution.

    • Successfully Pursued to Settlement: Defective Product

      Verhine & Verhine successfully pursued to settlement claims of thousands of fen/phen users damaged by a defective product.