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Benicar Blood Pressure Litigation

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Verhine & Verhine PLLC represents clients nationwide who suffered injuries from their use of: BENICAR™, BENICAR HCT™, AZOR, or TRIBENZOR. Our dangerous drugs litigation lawyers are here to fight for you.

All four of these blood pressure medications have been linked to causing:

  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Celiac disease type symptoms
  • Diverticulitis symptoms
  • Crohn's Disease
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

These symptoms are linked to a condition called SPRUE-LIKE ENTEROPATHY, which is very similar to Celiac Disease but is treated differently.

If you or a loved one suffered these conditions WHILE TAKING THE MEDICATION and also sought out medical treatment for these symptoms, you may have a claim for legal damages. Please contact us online or call at (888) 905-1403 to get a client packet.

The Benicar injury litigation involved accusations that the manufacturer of this blood pressure medication, Daiichi Sankyo, failed to adequately warn consumers about the risk of chronic diarrhea as a possible side effect. Because he withheld this vital importation, many users of Benicar have suffered for years. Many cases involved hospitalization and medical treatment, and doctors sometimes struggled to determine the cause of their condition. Some patients were even misdiagnosed with celiac disease, when their use of Benicar was to blame all along.

In July 2012, a report published in the medical journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings demonstrated a high number of Benicar users who were diagnosed with celiac. The research also concluded that when these pateints stopped using Benicar, their "celiac" symptoms usually went away.

In July 2013, The FDA issued an official warning about the risk of severe diarrhea as a side effect of using Benicar. They announced to the public and to medical professionals that Benicar consumers may experience sprue-like enteropathy months or even years after taking the drug.

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Sadly, because many Benicar users waited so long for this information to be released, and because they had a delayed diagnosis, they have suffered permanent gastrointestinal damage. Lasting conditions have included villous atrophy, erosion of the microscopic tentacles lining the wall of the small intestines. Villous atrophy can result in chronic malnutrition and dehydration, among other health problems.

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