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Belviq/Belviq XR Recall

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The Verhine Law Firm is accepting cases for users of Belviq (lorcaserin) and Belviq XR. This drug has been recalled by the FDA as of February 14, 2020. The FDA has found that Belviq (lorcaserin) may cause certain types of cancers in users who consume the drug for an extended period of time.

The FDA first approved Belviq (lorcaserin), a prescription weight loss drug, in 2012. It was intended for use by those who were unable to lose weight through diet and exercise. The pill was designed to curb the user’s appetite by making them feel full; however, side effects of Belviq have been linked to an increased risk of cancer.

The litigation being filed against Belviq allege that the manufacturers knew or should have known about the link between Belviq and cancer for years, information has been withheld from consumers, regulators and the medical community. As a result, users may now be entitled to financial compensation.

Understanding the Belviq Lawsuit

When Belviq was introduced in 2012, the FDA required the diet drug maker to carry out post-marketing studies to assess potential side effects. Although these studies were intended to evaluate the possible risk of heart problems, data instead suggested that Belviq may increase the risk of cancer.

Belviq (lorcaserin) was intended to promote weight loss by triggering chemical signals that cause feelings of fullness so that patients eat less food. However, the serious concerns regarding the safety of Belviq were not fully disclosed by the drug maker.

Early animal studies linked Belviq to an increased risk of cancer and tumors in rats. This information was known at the time of approval, and the FDA required the drug maker to continue research after it was already on the market. Researchers have since conducted a five-year-long study to look at the drug’s safety profile.

The consumer advocacy group Public Citizen issued warnings in June 2012 about the potential Belviq heart side effects, indicating that the medication was expectedly dangerous and accurately predicting the recall of Belviq within a few years.

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In January 2020, the FDA warned that data from the clinical trials suggested that there may be a Belviq cancer risk. The study took place over a period of five years and involved 12,000 individuals.

The findings showed that more patients taking Belviq were diagnosed with cancer than those given a placebo. A placebo is like a “fake pill” that does nothing to the body. The types of cancer detected include Pancreatic cancer, Colorectal cancer, and Lung cancer.

The FDA called for the manufacturer to remove Belviq from the market in February 2020, after concluding that any possible benefits were outweighed by the risk of cancer. Users were told to stop taking the drug and dispose of the pills. The manufacturers responded by issuing a Belviq recall.

It is now evident that clear signs of the Belviq cancer problems were ignored due to the desire for profit. Consumer safety was overlooked by marketing a weight loss drug that was not adequately researched or studied.

Consumers were encouraged to take Belviq for eight years and were told it would help them lose weight, improving their overall health. Many cases of cancer and death could have been avoided if it were not for the misleading information given by the drug maker.

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